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Repair and Maintenance of Gantry Punch Machine

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Mechanical maintenance

1500-2000 hours of maintenance and upkeep

Testing and adjusting the oil output and pressure detection function of the lubrication grease of the gantry punch machine. Check and make necessary adjustments to the functions of the air system filter, oil feeder adjustment valve, and water impurities testing. Check the set value of the air pressure switch and test and adjust the pressure detection function. Check and adjust the set value and measured value of the module height indicator switch. Check and adjust the chain wheel, chain, transmission shaft, worm gear and other components of the mold height adjustment device for looseness, abnormalities, and chain tension. Disassemble the upper cover of the gear transmission box, inspect the wear and looseness of internal components and key positions, and clean the oil groove with lubricating oil

Renewal and operation status of the gantry punch, noise and vibration testing inspection. Testing and adjusting the oil discharge and pressure at the injection points of various parts of the transmission system. Test point inspection and necessary adjustment of the piston action, brake angle, brake clearance and brake pad wear of the release mechanism.

Measure the gap between the sliding fast guide rail and the guide path of the gantry punch, check the friction surface, and make adjustments and corrections if necessary. Add manual lubricating grease to flywheel bearings and inspect pipelines, joints, etc. Test and inspect the operation status of the balance cylinder and its oil lubrication system oil circuits, joints, etc. Testing and inspection of insulation impedance of motor circuits and electrical operating circuits. Test the accuracy of the entire machine (verticality, parallelism, comprehensive clearance, etc.), and adjust and correct it if necessary. Clean the appearance and accessories of the punching machine, check the points, and adjust the fastening screws and nuts of the mechanical feet (foundation) for locking and horizontal inspection if necessary. Clean, maintain and inspect the pump, pipeline valves, and other components of the lubrication and oil supply system. Clean and maintain the pneumatic components and pipelines of the air system, as well as conduct action testing and inspection.

Test the performance of photoelectric safety devices and adjust the projection angle and area for maintenance after 3000 to 4000 hours of use. Inspection, testing, and adjustment of the appearance, contact wear, and loose connection of other components in the electrical system, as well as the functions of the two degree falling rotating cam switch box and emergency stop circuit. Oil circuit cleaning, oil chamber cleaning, oil replacement, and pressure action and function testing adjustment for overload protection devices. Check and adjust the wear and tension of the V-belt of the main motor. Disassemble and disassemble the components of the brake release mechanism (excluding the flywheel) for cleaning and maintenance, clearance inspection and adjustment, and reassembly and debugging. Disassemble, clean, inspect, and reassemble the components of the balancer. Use 6000 to 8000 hours of maintenance to disassemble and disassemble the saw teeth and connecting rods, clean and maintain them, check the engagement and wear of the saw teeth and connecting rod threads, polish them, polish the engagement surface, and apply lubricating grease. Disassemble and disassemble the slider assembly (ball seat, cover, overload oil cylinder, worm gear, worm, etc.), clean and maintain it, adjust the clearance and wear surface, inspect the oil seal, and reapply lubricating grease. Disassemble, disassemble, clean and inspect the wear surfaces of the mold pad, and reassemble and test run it after reapplying lubricating grease.


1. The heating sleeve of the crankshaft bearing is not well scraped, and the lubrication is poor. Re scrape and grind the copper bearing and check the lubrication condition.

2. The oil flowing from the bearing contains copper shavings and lacks lubricating oil. If the lubricating oil is not clean, check the lubrication condition and disassemble the gantry punch bearing for cleaning

3. The gap between the guide rails is too small due to burning, poor lubrication, and poor contact. Re grind the guide rails, adjust the gap, and pay attention to lubrication

4. The clutch does not engage during operation or cannot be disengaged after engagement. The spring used for the rotary key loses elasticity and the key fits too tightly. Replace the clearance between the spring and the grinding key of the gantry punch press

5. When the clutch is disengaged, the slider cannot stop at the top dead center position. The brake band tension is insufficient, the brake band is excessively worn, there is oil slipping on the brake wheel. Adjust the brake spring tension, replace the brake, and clean the brake band and wheel circumference with kerosene

6. The return plate is not working, and the position of the feeding contact is not correct. Adjust the contact position by manually rotating the flywheel for trial return

7. The connecting rod screw rotates or impacts, and the locking device becomes loose. The rotating locking device

8. The ball head of the connecting rod screw impacts the ball head inside the slider ball pad, causing poor contact between the ball head and the ball pad gland. The gland screw is loose, and the ball head, ball pad, and gland screw are scraped and tightened

9. Pressing the button (on) does not work. The power supply is disconnected, and the thermal breaker is powered off. Check the circuit system to eliminate faults

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