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Key operating points for several major components of the gantry punch press

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The gantry punch machine adopts two types of body: welded body and cast body, mainly used for punching round hole mesh, square hole mesh, windproof mesh, speaker mesh, and other screen mesh; Punching holes for anti skateboards, ceilings, airport chairs, decorative boards, gypsum boards, MDF boards, and cable trays can be equipped with different specifications of molds and equipped with toothed or roller feeding, which can greatly improve user production efficiency.

1、 Gantry punch bed: The strength and stiffness of the bed must be verified and tested; The tilting angle adjustment and fixing mechanism of the tilting bed must be safe and reliable to prevent it from falling down. Manually adjusting and fixing the position is generally only allowed on the side of the equipment.

2、 Slider: The adjustable part of the closed height should be equipped with a bidirectional limit device; There should be no excessively protruding bolts, nuts, or feeding rods on the slider. If necessary, protective cover facilities should be used.

3、 Clutches and brakes: The rotating keys (including key handles) or sliding locks of rigid clutches (including inching rigid clutches) should have sufficient strength. The design of the band brake equipped with a rigid clutch should calculate the strength based on the actual braking angle and be easy to adjust; The pneumatic friction clutch and brake should have a reliable interlocking device to prevent excessive engagement time from causing excessive actual braking angle or mutual interference that may cause wear of the friction plate; The design of the brake equipped with the inching rigid clutch should consider the braking torque caused by the slider and upper mold.

4、 The control system of the gantry punch clutch: The installation position of the control cam of the rigid clutch should ensure that the crankshaft stops at the dead center during a single stroke, with a tolerance of ± 5 °; A rigid clutch must have a mechanical protection device to prevent continuous impact during a single stroke; The inch clutch must have a dual electrical interlock protection device to prevent continuous impact during a single stroke; During a single stroke, the pneumatic friction clutch should ensure that the crankshaft stops at the top dead center, with a tolerance of+5 ° to -10 °; During a single stroke of a pneumatic friction clutch, measures must be taken to prevent continuous impact, such as using a dual solenoid valve.

5、 The starting mechanism of the clutch of the gantry punch press: The push (or pull or press) force of the handle that is directly started by the handle shall not exceed 1.5 kilograms of force when operated with the left hand. Do not exceed 2 kilograms of force when operating with the right hand. When operating with dual handles, each handle should not exceed 1.5 kilograms of force; The start button should not be higher than the surface of the button box, and the emergency stop button must be mushroom shaped; The left, right, and upper sides of the pedal for pedal starting should be closed, and the space for extending the foot should be spacious. The surface of the pedal should have anti slip measures; The pedal force for pedal starting should not be too large, and when operating while sitting, it should not exceed 4 kilograms of force; Do not exceed 5 kilograms of force while standing. The downward displacement of the pedal shall not exceed 60 millimeters.

6、 Ladders, platforms, and guardrails: The ladder should be interlocked with the main transmission control, that is, when climbing the ladder, it should be ensured to disconnect the main transmission control; The recommended distance between the pedals of the stairs is about 300 millimeters, the recommended width of the stairs is about 450 millimeters, and the minimum distance between the stairs and the bed surface is 180 millimeters; After the height of the ladder exceeds 5 meters, a protective ring should be installed at the part of the ladder above 3 meters; When the height of the top surface of the equipment body exceeds 3 meters, maintenance platforms and guardrails are generally installed. The planking on the platform should be an anti sliding board, with the edge raised at least 40 millimeters, and the recommended height of the guardrail is 1050 millimeters or more.

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